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Featured paintings by JAMES REYNOLDS

floating figure on grey painting on canvas.jpg
figurative-painting-male figure-off-white-grey.jpg
painting of floating male figure.jpg

James Reynolds

There is a wide spectrum between naturalistic, fleshy figures and completely abstracted forms featuring the bare minimum number of lines and colours. With his latest works, James Reynolds depicts figurative forms while leaning towards abstraction. He acts as a draftsperson, depicting the outline of a body and only its most fundamental details—corners of the mouth, fingernails, and shirt collars. He uses mostly vertical and horizontal lines on a pale blue background that perfectly emulates a sheet of drafting paper in the morning light. Reynolds is a meticulous colourist, and by using only this pale blue, a cardboard-brown, and graphite-coloured lines he etches a self-portrait that emulates a sketch of a memory.

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liberty drip flower painting.jpg
grey white branch drip flower painting.jpg
lilly drip flower painting on blue.jpg
vibrant painting of flowers flory.jpg

February definitely asks for a bunch of colorful  ISABELLE PELLETANE flower paintings Her work is vibrant, with strong colors which leave you wondering if spring is just around the corner. GORGEOUS!


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