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Born in Poland, Agnieszka Wichary is now based in Colchester.She gained a master degree from the University of Wroclaw before continuing her studies at the Academy of Fine Art in Krakow with a focus on stage design.

Her colourful paintings and black and white ink drawings are inspired by her experience of daily like in the UK, reflecting her doubts and hopes.

However to the artists it is not important what is shown it is important what the viewer sees. If the viewer can explore and see more in the artwork every day then the artists work is done.

Her work can be found in private collections in Oregon (USA), Piedmont (Italy) and Dublin

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Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions AGNIESZKA WICHARY

Group Shows

2012 - Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair/SiOTT
2012 - Windsor Contemporary Art Fair/ SiOTT
2013 - Reading Contemporary Art Fair/SiOTT
2013 - Manchester Buy Art Fair/SiOTT

Browse Works by Agnieszka Wichary >>