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Artist Statement AKTHER BANO

For the past 10 years, I have been painting full time and am doing my best to catch up with the time missed; the years which I had been deprived of. A long story filled with feelings and emotions which I am now showing in my work. I want to express all the beauty of natures colour, texture out of a human’s body, bottled up for almost a life time.

My art work is about feelings, thoughts and deep emotions.
We all have different voyages through life, always so busy in our stressful hectic lives that we don’t bother to look around at how much God has given us. Only when something happens to us or loved ones do we stop and think.

Everyone is given one life. Everyone has a brain, the most magnificent machinery. How we use it depends on you. Depression catches up in many ways but is always covered. For our ‘well-being,’ we end up with the G.P, Counselling or even a family member, to ease off pressure by talking about our problems.

Colour plays the most important impact in my work. Colour is very important in our ‘well-being.’ Deep blues and purples can take you into ‘deep calmness,’ a thoughtful response to nature and to capture the essence of their transient sensations through the heavily textured point, onto canvas where it will be cherished forever. Life is very precious; nature is all around us, a magazine of never ending pages. The simplest of the flower, a daisy, can put a smile on ones face and the poppy brings memories of the war.

Even myself when I complete a painting, I hang it up on my bedroom wall whilst it dries. Whilst drying, I explore the work, not as an artist, but as an individual admirer, the movement and flow of nature in my artwork. This then again is an excellent way of diverting the mind and body from our day to day chores for ones ‘well-being.’ Art work is unique; we all absorb it in our own way.

It was a trip to Wales with my family. I took small shots of the lovely fairy countryside with its tiny cottages. Back home I hit on creating a theme. I wanted to create art work through a child’s mind. We all have childhood memories of ‘Once Upon a Time Tales.’ These are our senses of ‘Well-being’ of seeing and thinking, a distraction from many things. 
The use of vibrant colours and the 3D effect textured paint says it all. Even the small child will be fascinated making up a secret story. This again is satisfying to help with thoughts, which are wondering nowhere. 
I hope I can engage viewers in the same way as I do. I love creating a lot of texture; one can feel and see work come to life. I spend hours of my time, applying layer upon layer, until the right thickness is achieved. 
. I want to show my work to a wide audience aS possible, to people who believe and feel the same way as I do. After all, sharing thoughts and emotions is a sense of ‘well-being,’ just as they say Aroma therapy heals; so does Art and colour.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions AKTHER BANO

Solo Show

2010 - Sheringham Little Theatre, Norfolk,

Group Shows

2012 - Art At Cass/SiOTT @ Cass Business School
2012 - The Portico Gallery, London Riverhead, Kent
2011 - Arts & Crafts exhibition, Portico Library Gallery, Manchester
2010 - New Inspire Levenshulme Centre

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