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Artist Statement CHRIS HORNER

Horner believes that the excitement in the material is built from the motion of the subconscious mind. "The excitement for me is within the material, converting and transforming the original quality of a surface is what shapes my practice.

Canvas Trace by Chris Horner

Canvas Trace by Chris Horner

Abstract Trace by Chris Horner

Abstract Trace by Chris Horner

This unravels a new beginning from what was seen previously and opens up many inquiries into new ways of thinking and recording data. I like to refigure the original identity and characteristics of already used surfaces and objects. How the unseen aspect and nature of a surface or object is commonly hidden and not thought of, I like to impose a new condition which uncovers new openings, taking away the concealed or non-exposed trait.”

            “I like to install a gap into my working process, as I find the outcome becomes more interesting. This gap creates a constant break up between intention and process, which enables the overall form an essence of magic. I believe that functioning in this format creates moments of unpredictability, where one’s mind cannot comprehend what has occurred. This links to the viewer having an experience which only appears during duration of time. Where questioning can start to happen, how has this originated, and what procedures have gone into the creative and theoretical understandings of the artist? Other connection could be

            This immediate presence

            Visibility of work and space – environment

            To endure the viewer’s body into a performance of strange rituals – Maybe a similar physical gesture to which has been applied by the artist”

“An intense relationship with the particular surface I am working with becomes apparent, as an obsessive nature of mapping out starts to take shape. This form of mapping evolves from the original working process where shifts and changes are made to the surface leaving projected and textured marks. By highlighting this event it leads to new evolved avenues which constantly inspires me as the artist, and keeps me on this productive journey.

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Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions  CHRIS HORNER

2018 - Artrooms 18, International Contemporary Art Fair, Melia White House, Regents Park, London
2018 - "In bed with the Artists", Artrooms 18, Melia White House, Regents Park, London
2018  - Conversation on Card, Artrooms 18, (Arttrois Group), Melia White House, Regents Park, London
2018 - Building Bridges, Artrooms 18, (Arttrois Group),  Melia White House, Regents Park, London
2018 - Granular, Lewisham Arthouse, 140 Lewisham Way, London
2017 - Open Art Exhibition, Allen Gallery, Alton, Hampshire
2017 - Anima Mundi  (Visions) - It's Liquid International Art Festival, Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice, Italy
2017 - The London International Art Competition,  HLS Gallery, Stoke Newington High Street, London
2017 - Iris Turns, Oxo Tower, Bargehouse Street, South Bank, London
2017 - MA YR 1 Group Show, The Linear gallery, Farnham, Surrey
2016 - Abstract Art Show, The Brick Lane gallery, Brick Lane, London
2012 - Milk Money, The Redchurch St Gallery, Redchurch St, London
2011 - Eat my Hat, 10 Gales Gallery, Bethnal Green, London
2011 - Inhabitant, Farnham Library gardens, Farnham, Surrey
2011 - Limn, The Spring, Vauxhall, London  
2010 - Future Home, Future Homes, Wokingham, Berkshire                        Solo Exhibition
2016 - Open Studio Exhibition, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey

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