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Artist statement

Artist Statement CHRIS PERRETT

Chris was born in Warwickshire, England, graduating from Wimbledon School of Art.With additional teaching from tutors at the Royal College of Art, Chris was able to gain many insights into the history and varietyof fine arts with many visits to practising artists, as well as painting with other artists.

After graduation, Chris started a career in the commercial graphics industry, gaining many senior positions in advertising, marketing and design companies, whilst retaining his interest in the fine arts.

Chris is also an accomplished photographer. Chris takes inspiration from the diverse and ever-changing British landscape / seascape, taking many reference pictures and sketches from his travels. Chris has exhibited his work over the last few years in a number of respected galleries, from Bournemouth to Ross on Wye.

Most recently Chris has staged 2 solo shows at the O3 and Cornerstone galleries in Oxfordshire. The O3 gallery purchased a painting which will be kept for future generations of visitors to Oxford Castle to enjoy. Also included in the exhibitions were many artefacts that Chris has collected from his travels around the British landscape and coastline.

Chris’s love of the subject matter is captured in his unique style, creating a vibrancy and depth that exists within the view from an artist who is captivated with light and colour. Often working with a mixed media palette to enhance the texture and colour of a sea or landscape.