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Artist Statement DUNCAN WRIGHT

I am a British artist currently living near Düsseldorf, Germany and working out of a studio in Werden, Essen. 

Although the main thrust of my practise is painting I work across a range of media; drawing, collage, resin and sculpture. I am particularly consumed by the human experience, generating personal mythologies that re-work a generic sense of nostalgia. My work tends to refer to an atmosphere loaded with the character of inertia; the antonym of anticipation. My present series of work „These Foolish Things“, was initiated by my response to a random set of found imagery, objects and text collected over the summer of 2015.

I consciously selected imagery that held particular personal value and associations - this resource material although predominantly based around the natural world are, for me, loaded or charged and therefore possess an autobiographical poignancy. These images are then formed into collages and are composed to develop a sense of coherence or narrative. The collage and disparate media are then suspended between layers of resin - although this is an attempt to further homogenise the picture plane the multiple strata generated are perhaps a fitting metaphor for the passage of time, alluvial or sedimentary deposits that signal millennial time shifts and relate to our universal, accumulated experience. The resul ting oil paintings re-work or re-edit these initial collages; cropping, inverting, flipping, shifting scale.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions DUNCAN WRIGHT

Solo Shows

2012 -  "Dolls", RMA Gallery, Essen, Germany
2012 - Twist, Affordable Art Fair, London
2016 - “Composition 01“,Ruttenscheid, Essen, Germany. - 06,2016


Group Shows

2012 - "Mint" The Roundhouse, Camden, London
2012 - "Showcase", BBC, Portland Place, London
2012 -  "Smalls", RCA, London
2012 - "Truancy", Limehouse Arts Centre, London
2012 -  Art Futures - Contemporary Art Society, City of London School, London
2014 -  "Chase", RCA, London
2014 -  "Summer Show" Browse and Darby, Cork Street, London
2014 -  "Retrospective" RMA Gallery, Essen, Germany
2014 -  "After Dolly" - Institute of Contemporary Art, London 10,2014
2014  "The Human Zoo" - Hatton Gallery, Newcastle
2015 -  "Fresh Paint" Maclean Fine Art, Ardean Gallery, Cork Street, London
2015 - “Jahresausstellung Mülheimer Kunstlerinnen und Künstler“, Kunstmuseum Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
2016 - “End of the Season“, RM Art, Essen-Kettwig, Germany - 04,2016

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1999 - TI Group Travel Award - Budapest
2001 - Residency, Okavango Lion Research Project - Botswanna

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