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Artist Statement GEORG PIESCH

In our whole being, having to grasp that being, we must know that we are only a part of the oneness which leads us to the completion of the whole. For it is life itself that leads us. It is life that always accompanies us - a feeling of eternity which grows. Not elapsed, not forgotten. How can one measure - to put it in words - the universal power, the love, the beauty is the source of everything. Forever it is - this I know for sure. Georg Piesch

Born in 1967, Georg Piesch lives and works in Vienna.

He has been painting for over 14 years and participated in many shows and international exhibitions places such as Wandernde Kunstmuseum in Vienna, Rodwell House, Cape Town, South Africa and Delta Chelsea in Toronto, Canada.

His colorful paintings are full of energy whilst exploring the notion of being. The primary concern of work is the universal, being at one with the whole.

In essence life itself

Georg Piesch’s work can be found in private collections around the world.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions GEORG PIESCH

Groups Shows

2011 - Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair /SiOTT
2012 - 2015 "Art at Cass"/ SiOTT @ Cass Business School

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