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Artist Statement GUIDO SALIMBENI

My work combines my painting skills and 3D modelling skills with influences from past and contemporary art. I try to create paintings that leave the viewer with pleasant emotions and a new starting point for further artistic exploration. My main goal when painting is to capture the viewer’s attention and to keep their focus within the painting, while offering an opportunity for pleasurable contemplation.

I aim to make a composition of colours, shapes and contrasts that leads the viewer’s gaze through a looping path inside the painting. With this goal in mind, I like to test and use many tools and techniques, from traditional oil painting to new technology, including 3D printing, 3D animation and 3D scanning.

I love to express myself with freedom, by letting my brush strokes follow my intuition rather than any formal approach. At the same time, I think that a successful painting can only be created after indepth studies, sketches and tests to turn an idea into an artwork and, in this regard. I believe passionately that any form of art needs to be at least 98% of an artisan’s work and perhaps 2% of something else. I consider good drawings skills are very important to a good piece, as is the selection and use of quality materials. I take inspiration from nature and from videos, as well as books on hypnosis and from other artists. I am an avid user of the internet and social media to seek feedback and use it to improve myself and my art.

Guido Salimbeni was born in Turin, Italy. He started painting as a teenager, studying under the instruction of artist Ettore Fico ( From his master, Guido learned the art of being a good craftsman in order to become a good painter. Guido recalls the lessons with his master were focused on the correct use of the materials and the organization of the work. His master would only dedicate a few minutes of any session to judging his works. His comments were usually very brief; mostly a simple yes or no for each work.

Guido decided not to study art and graduated in economics from the University of Turin. After several years working as the CFO and COO of a gourmet food company in Alba, Italy, he returned to his passion, art. He attended the digital academy school in Florence and retrained as a 3D animator. He found the time to paint whilst studying, trying always to improve his painting skills and to discover new methods of art expression.

He attended several fine art workshops and courses, including “Painting in Plein Air” with Marc Dalessio, “Painting the Human Figure like the Old Masters” at the Angel School in Florence and “Painting Portrait in Oil” with Adam Markovic in his Florentine studio.

Although unique in style, Guido’s current work delicately combines elements of conceptual art with both pre-expressionism and post-impressionism; whereas the ideas for his painting are usually born out of random inspiration, they are methodically tested before being rendered with free, emotional brush strokes on the canvas. Colours and colour contrasts are key elements in his paintings. To achieve greater contrast Guido adds 3D printed elements on top of the canvas in specific areas where he wants to increase the light and depth.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions GUIDO SALIMBENI

Solo Shows

Sept 2016 - Artifact New York

Group Shows

Feb 2016 - Parallaxaf Art Fair
April 2016 - Wikiarte Bologna "LE STAGIONI DELL’ARTE III edizione” con Giorgio Gregorio Grasso collaboratore di Vittorio Sgarbi
June 2016 - Obernberg, Austria, Expart Gallery
2016 -  Cecil Court London – collaborative project show
2015 - Art Slant Final Section Competition
2016 - Call for Chelsea – New York
2015 - Artisti Emergenti presso Arte Investimenti Milano – Italia 2015
2002 - Premio Nazionale Arte Alba città d’arte – 2° classificato – 2002
2001 - Premio Nazionale Arte Alba città d’arte – 3° classificato – 2001
2000 - Vergne annual Exhibition – 2000
2000 - Studio 13 – Alba Cn – Mostra collettiva – 2000
1997- Art School Turin – mostra collettiva – 1997
2003 - Cherasco annual Exhibition – 2003
2009 - Angels School end of Workshops Showcases – 2009
2010 - La Marsiliana end of Workshops Showcases – 2010
2013 - Adam Markovic end of Workshops Showcases – 2013
2001 - Studio 13 – Alba Cn – digital art exhibition – 2001
2006 - Verduno annual Exhibition – 2006

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2002 - National Price Premio Alba città d'Arte
Second place for digital art, Alba, Italy

2001 - National Price Premio Alba città d'Arte
Third place , oil painting technique, Alba, Italy