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Artist statement.

Artist Statement IAYSHA SALIH

The diversity of sources from which I take my inspiration is reflected in the spectrum of the subject matter; extending from pure abstraction through to landscape and figurative work.

£830. Oil on board. Healing Waters by Iaysha Salih. 

£830. Oil on board.
Healing Waters by Iaysha Salih. 

£755. Oil on canvas. Undecided by Iaysha Salih

£755. Oil on canvas.
Undecided by Iaysha Salih

The impulse for me to put brush to canvas can be triggered by a song or poem, by the sky, or by the colour of a stranger’s dress as they stroll by. The sights, smells, colours and culture of places that I have visited on my travels have proven to be a constant source of artistic stimulation. Some of the places I have lived Australia, U.S.A and Thailand and I have travelled extensively including places such as Peru, India Nepal and Europe. My work is not a topographical study of the locations I have visited; instead they aim to capture the essence of the place. I seek to convey more to the viewer than simply what is present; to give an internal and spiritual insight into the magic of nature, creating an intensified vision rather than a naturalistic description. The works are not painted en plein air, but considered over time and painted in the studio; guaranteeing that the landscape produced is inspired by the spirit of the place rather than its geographic details. In the words of Chekhov, ‘the subject must pass through the sieve of my memory so that alone which is important remains’.


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