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Born in 1969, Isabelle lives and works in Poitiers, France. Her recent work is a series of flower paintings. Her paintings are created by a series of splatter and drip marks. Flowers and petals appear, as freshly strewn, superimposed, decomposed colors, the impression of sensational flowers, which spring on paintings, such a flight of poetry, a hymn in the enjoyment.

£1,100. Acrylic on canvas.  Liberty  by Isabelle Pelletane

£1,100. Acrylic on canvas.
Liberty by Isabelle Pelletane

£780.Acrylic on canvas.  Posy Blue  by Isabelle Pelletane

£780.Acrylic on canvas.
Posy Blue by Isabelle Pelletane

The physical investment is total, as a continuation of herself, in search of a certain balance.The painting became the fertile compost of its celestial gardens, cheerfully colored.A blank territory in which she cultivates new creations, according to her introspection, observations, and questioning. The acrylic pours, glide, track, and makes up another material. A real culture broth, inexhaustible source of life, freedom, experiments, in prey also in the dualities and other disorders.

Does not this notion of material, visible Nature, echo our own nature, our own internal landscapes?
Isabelle does not try to bring answers by her paint. She evolves with her. She confides us her vision of the world, and questions us in our turn on our way of seeing things to the world.
In this parallel with this nourishing earth, manhandled well by the man today, Isabelle keeps a resolutely optimistic, and fed vision an ideal where the man and the nature would live harmoniously.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions ISABELLE PELLETANE

Solo Exhibitions
2016 - Open Workshop, POITIERS (86)
2016 - Gallery - Studio Marty, CANNES (FR)
2014 - Artist Residency and exhibition, "L'Atelier L'Ecloserie", LA FLOTTE EN RE (Fr)

Group exhibitions
2016 - Gallery Art Up Déco, Paris & Lyon, permanent (FR)
2016 - Art Fair - Campo Santo, ORLEANS (45)
2016 - Artist Residencies & exhibition, Venice Art House, VENEZIA (Italy)
2015 - ART 3 F, International Art Fair, MULHOUSE (France)
2015 - Affordable Art Exhibition, La Bellevilloise, PARIS
2014 - Gallery Carré d’Artistes, AMSTERDAM
2012 - Gallery Open Art, permanency, DIJON (Fr)
2012 - Gallery Croissant, Studio dvo, BRUXELLES
2007 - Museum of Shenzhen, "Les artistes de la Vienne", SHENZHEN (China)
2006 - Center of Plural Arts, "Synchronicités", ETTELBRUCKS (Lux.)