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Artist Statement JAMES DEVLIN

At the moment subject matters are not important, only the process of painting and where this may lead to given a starting point of only a surface and the materials required for making a mark or gesture. My work has evolved from landscape and figurative but these are no longer concerns.

The only elements remaining from my past experience that are of concern now are purely painterly facts, of surface texture, the distribution of paint strokes and of their densities and weight, opacities and translucencies, of colour and tone, and of spatial illusion they create. The sensation I wish to create is of the painting.

For 20 years I have studied, painted and lived the life of a lost soul. I have never really paid any attention to exhibiting my work though I have occasionally shown in small venues and galleries. I have now reached a point at which I feel comfortable that my work has a clarity and statement suited for exhibiting. I no longer dance between styles and methods, my work is now of a slowly evolving nature on a single road of development.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions JAMES DEVLIN

Group Shows

2013 - Manchester Buy Art Fair/SiOTT
2014 - "Art At Cass"/ SiOTT @ Cass Business School

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