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Artist Statement STEVEN PORTER

I have used water colour ink for several years, making abstract ink drawings on paper using geometric and organic forms. Sometimes they have been made as part of a series or just one off images, where in a series I have investigated natural forms, often drawing  using simple rules until the form works.

I am often producing many different images from one source, sketching and repeating until I am satisfied I have discovered a form that is original to me. The ink drawings are made quickly to trap the idea before I lose it. This process has allowed me to make imagined forms as well as show the process, in that I can use drawing to describe forms or let the actual process reveal forms in time. Drawing is a key term for understanding my work, I see it as is idea in time. Allowing me to think visually and keep the freshness of an idea, sometimes how the architectural plan of a building can often hold and express the idea better than the final building. It's the close relationship between idea and drawing that I enjoy. Drawing allows me to plan and play, to be an architect of the made up.

Colour is crucial to my process, I often work tonally with colour which means I use the light in colour to set relationships giving my work a tonal dexterity which allows my drawings to capture light through translucent forms. I always work on white grounds to trigger a strong form and ground scenario like in life drawing. I intend to lift the forms from the surface, giving them a glow of light and colour.

Organic and geometric forms appear in my work and seem to investigate two very different aspects, geometry looks from my experience of urban space and architecture, whilst natural organic forms record an interest in abstract form, both for me are real and unreal, clear and unclear.  In this contradiction I can make forms which keep my interest and become a visual diary of my thoughts, feelingsand knowledge. Which ultimately allows me to capture a small amount of time in form.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions STEVEN PORTER

Group Shows

2014 - The Elusive Line/SiOTT @ Riverside Studio Gallery
2013 - Manchester Buy Art Fair/SiOTT
2012 -  RCA secret – RCA London
2012 - Studio 11 – Southend, Essex – February Group show
2009 - Rotary Charity Exhibition -  Lauderdale House, Highgate, London

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Publications STEVEN PORTER

2011                Blue Book – Artists ink drawings- Self published  

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