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My works draws inspiration from mythological stories, religious beliefs, my education and my experiences – that practically covers everything I have come across in life. In my chosen medium of Paper Collie I try to bring a balance between the overall composition and the hues that lend it color while trying to retain the simplicity of the idea. My collages are free from restrictions of media or technique, rather they are a result of combination of media- I try to compose a balanced picture which is pleasing to the eye and reflects a little bit of me!

Paper collie or “Paper Collage’ is a relatively uncommon art form which I have adapted in past few years after pursuing painting, photography and other forms of artistic expression. I have experimented and worked in paper collage for the past 9-10 years. I have held a few solo exhibitions of my work at Pune, Mumbai and Goa. I have also participated in group shows and delivered talks on my style of work. 

I do get this urge to uncover underlying simple ideas reflecting orderliness from varied sources and put them on canvas for everyone to experience. This not only puts me at ease and helps me in retaining connectivity with my surroundings, it also inspires me to find newer and newer ideas which can be simplified. I am happy to share my work with public at large and hope that people enjoy my work. It would greatly satisfy me if my art could generate a little introspection, a bit of inquisitiveness and appreciation of creativity.

At times, I begin a Papiers Colles with a vague or may be without any specific subject in mind but only a specific colour combination. Somewhere during the process of evolution of the collage I compose the picture and thereafter add carefully selected and cut pieces to accentuate my conceived image with a hint of realism. This method, which I may call ‘extempore decomposition’, is challenging and prone to failure, which I have experienced in good measure. Yet to me this is the most satisfying and rewarding one. I return back to this style again and again, ready to fail.

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions SUKANTA DASGUPTA

Solo Shows                                             

Sep 2012 - Darpan art Gallery, Pune                                                  
Mar 2013  -  Kala Academy, Goa                                              
June 2013 - Institute of Interior designers, Pune                               
Nov 2013 - Nehru Center art gallery, Mumbai                
Sep 2014 - Darpan art Gallery, Pune                             
Aug 2015 - Bliss Art gallery, Pune                                    
26 Dec 2015 – 01 Jan 2016 - Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi                      
06 Jan 2016 – 12 Jan 2016  - AIFACS, New Delhi                                        

Upcoming Solo Shows

26Jul 2016 - 04Aug 2016 - Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi                  
17Nov 2016- 23 Nov 2016 - India International Center, New Delhi         
Apr 2017  - Nehru Center art gallery, Mumbai