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Artist Statement TANJA BABIC

Tanja Babic is an artist born in 1978, she lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. She went to study at the University of Belgrade were she was awarded a MA in Fine Art in 2006 at the class of professor Zoran Vuković and since 2004 she has been an active member of the association of fine artists of Serbia.

With her captivating large scale paintings she masterfully depicts the realities of thought and emotion. Her work is very well regarded, she has exhibited extensively in solo and group shows worldwide."My painting is an invitation to communicate, and to make it real.

... To perceive the painting to the extreme limit, because it is impenetrable, inexplicable, because it is the only way for painting to represent an entity ... The inception of the picture is generated intuitively and unconsciously, I have never fled from the forms that were born in rational way, yet the paintings generated by internal feeling were always stronger and more powerful ...

Of course, while I am in the painting, the rational part is cut out, but it is, nevertheless, necessary for me to observe, when the inspirational tension is over, as an objective observer and to continue entering the picture only later ...

I do not deny the rational part and I consider it at least as susceptible as the wonderful feeling of non-existent time and space, while I am in the painting.

Pierre Soulaqes: „Painting is primarily a poetic experience. It is a metaphor; it does’t allow to be explained, it does’t even allow to begin with an explanation, because the sense contributed to the painting is created and dissolved on it. Because of that, the art provokes, disturbs and incites, as life itself“...........Tanja Babić

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions TANJA BABIC

Solo Shows

2012 - "Feast" UBSM, Belgrade
2011 - "Strategy Day+Night", Gallery Magacin, Belgrade
2010 - V Belgrade Gimmazium Gallery, Belgrade
2009 - "Circle“ The Army cultural centar, Belgrade
2009 - "Paintings“ Gallery Avangarde, Belgrade
2007 - Gallery Ulus, Belgrade
2007 - Happy Gallery, Belgrade
2006 - Muncipality, Savski Venac, Belgrade
2005 - Student cultural centre, Belgrade

Group Shows

2015 - "Art At Cass 2015"/SiOTT Gallery @ Cass Business School, London
2014 - NOA 2014, Cultural Centre Novi Sad, Novi Sad
2014 - BOA  2014,Cultural Centre Belgrade, Belgrade
2014 - "Birth of Venus" Palilula, Belgrade
2014 - E Gallery, Belgrade
2014 - "Drawaings and Paintings"Gallery SKC, Belgrade
2014 - The March Exhibition, Gallery Rakovica, Belgrade
2014 - "Woman", Gallery Nova, Belgrade
2014 - "Gallery", UK Palilula, Belgrade
2013 - New Years Exhibition of members of Ulus, Belgrade
2013 - Gallery 73, Belgrade
2012 - "12 ROOMS -12 ARTISTS", Museum, King Petar, Belgrade
2012 - Vytlacil Campus, The art league of New York, New York
2011 - Open Studio night, Gallery Flu, Belgrade
2008 - The art colony of Jalovik, SKC Gallery,. Belgrade
2008 - Summer Exhibition, Ulus, Belgrade=
2008 - "Step out 3“, Gallery Magacin, Belgrade
2008 - The New Years Exhibition, Gallery Ulus, Belgrade
2008 - "December Salon“ Ulus Gallery, Belgrade
2007 - Exhibition of art colony of Jalovik, Museum of  Šabac, Šabac
2007 - The Spring Exhibition, Art Pavilon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
2006 - The art colony of Jalovik, Jalovik
2006  - Independent together",Student culture center ,Belgrade
2006 - The Spring Exhibition, Art Pavilon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
2006 - The master exhibition, „Zen Paintings“ FLU Gallery, Belgrade
2005 - Autumn Exhibition, Art Pavilon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
2005  - „Yu paleta of young“ ,The Art Gallery, Vrbas
2004 - The New Years Exhibition, Art Pavilon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade
2004 - The exhibition of new members of Ulus, Art Pavilon Cvijeta Zuzoric, Belgrade

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