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Artist Statement TIM BRADFORD

Tim Bradford is a London-based artist. We love his unique style and the freedom within his work. He creates intriguing pieces with an vibrancy of colour through his regular motifs -  the connecting and merging of maps and the beauty of the mundane. He has shown nationally and is gaining growing recognition for his paintings. 

"My technique is based around putting down various colour layers - with hands, brushes, knives, bits of rag or old gloves - adding new colour quickly and then scratching away wet paint to show the layer below. This is in part an attempt to reveal the perceived mask/veneer of subjects, be they landscapes, people or memories. It also works on a more sensual level, allowing me to attack my own paintings and crack them open a little bit. 

In my twenties I lived for a while in Venezuela and was heavily influenced by rural folk art. Other influences include Egyptian funerary portraits, Holy well decorations, African barbershop signs, religious icons, surf T-shirts, old football cards, crap signs, those blue photos you get in old shop windows.

A lot of my work involves fruitless searches for things that are lost, be they people, underground rivers, stories, buildings or ways of life. Regular motifs include the connecting and merging of maps, old photographs and whiskey-based visions. The beauty of the the mundane. The epiphanies - I call them "Zen Newsflashes" - that are close to home. This is partly due to a desire to make sacred the familiar and also because I am a lazy shite. The vivid, mostly primary, colours are intended to have a life-affirming effect on the viewer, perhaps with the sense of having a revelatory vision, a mild migraine or recovering from a hangover."  -Tim Bradford

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions TIM BRADFORD

Group Shows

February - August 2015
"Art At Cass 2015" Group Show
SiOTT Gallery @ Cass Business School 

November 2014
"Can You See What I see" Group Show
SiOTT Gallery @ Norden Farm Gallery

May - August 2014
The Good Earth (group exhibition)
The Conference Centre Gallery, The Arts Project, St Pancras Hospital

December 2013-January 2014
The Reflecting Eye (group exhibition)
The Conference Centre Gallery, The Arts Project, St Pancras Hospital 

June-July 2013  
New Wave Wang-Eyed Pop Folk Art: A Retrospective(solo exhibition)
Stoke Newington Library Gallery, London N16 

Jun-Aug 2011
Everything Is Connected [Sort of] (solo exhibition)
Cinnamon 2, Finsbury Park, London

Jan/Feb 2010
Portrait for Everyone (curated exhibition)
Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Haringey, London

Sept 2007
Not What You'd Expect - Irish Painting 1919 to 2007 (curated exhibition)
Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery

June/July 2007
Bachelors Walk - Pictures from a North Clare Townland (solo exhibition)
Ennistymon Courthouse Gallery

June-August 2006
Works on Paper (curated group exhibition)
Glór, Ennis

October 2005
Earth Patterns (2D3D)
Group show
Stoke Newington Gallery

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