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Artist Statement Vojislav Radovanovic

 Vojislav Radovnovic is Serbian painter, TV author and independent filmmaker born in Valjevo, Serbia in 1982. He is engaged with classical painting and drawing and multimedia artistic expression such as installations, video, experimental film. So far, Vojislav Radovanovic exhibited at numerous solo and group exhibitions and festivals in Serbia and worldwide. Vojislav Radovanovic also works as television director and Editor primarily in the field of cultural and artistic programs. Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia.

Below he describes his inspiration behind his weed drawings.

"Weeds are wild plants that are not desired. As much as they have been destroyed, contaminated and burned away, these plants grow there triggered by their own will and they grow so rapidly and successfully, that the struggle against it stays in vain. As is usually the case, weeds are wrongfully designated as bad plants, harmful or even completely as not useful, though it is to concern that some of them actually are medical, some of them eatable but nevertheless- all of them are beautiful. I perceive savage meadows in an poetic and symbolic way. The weeds are as all other, outcast from the society, marked as unwelcome, judged and sometimes even razed. That what I actually paint is their triumph. The weed will flourish always."

Selected Group and Solo Exhibitions VOJISLAV RADOVANOVIC

Solo Shows

2015 - “Theory of unity”, Cultural center of Kikinda, Kikinda
2015 - “Theory of unity”, Cultural center of Mladenovac, Maldenovac
2015 - “Creation story”, Gallery “Jovan Popović”, Opovo
2015 - “Lexicon of Weed”, Cultural center Grocka, Rancic’s family House, Grocka
2015 - “Project: Garden of Eden”, Cultural center of Novi Sad
2015 - “Drawings and paintings”, Galleria Caffe, Pancevo
2015 - “Paintings and drawings”, Beoart-liveart Gallery, Belgrade
2014 - “Theory of unity”, Gallery “Zecevic”, Belgrade  
2013 - "Project: Garden of Eden", Gallery Eurocentar
2013 - "Weed flourish always". gallery of Modern Art
2013 - "Paintings and drawings", Beoart-Liveart Gallery, Belgrade
2013 - “Paintings and drawings”, Beoart-Liveart Gallery, Belgrade
2013 - “Re:set” with A. Bogicevic and A. Vac, Galerija Nova, Belgrade
2013 - “Weed flourish always”, paintings, Gallery SULUJ, Belgrade
2012 - “Awakening“, paintings and drawings, Hotel BAH, Belgrade
2011 - “Twelve rooms – Twelve artists“, ART-MARKET, House of King Peter I, Belgrade
2009 - Video installation “Sanctuary”, Botanical garden „Jevremovac“, Belgrade
2007 -“Die Neue Galerie”, Drawings, VIP Art gallery, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade  
2004 - "Drawings", Gallery im Alcatraz, International Summer Akademie of Fine Arts, Salzburg
2004 - “Drawings and prints”, Cultural centre Belgrade, Gallery Palette, Belgrade
2003 - “New Impulses”, Gallery Gima, Valjevo
2003 - “SELF”, Photos, Gallery Circus, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2002 - “BATHCULTURE”, installation, Great gallery, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
1997 - “Paintings and drawings”, Gallery National museum, Valjevo

Group Shows

2014 - Festival “Procvetaj”– What’s so funny!?, Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
2014 - “Ekokult”, Gallery “Progres”, Belgrade
2014 - “BOA”, Cultural center Belgrade, Belgrade
2014 - “Obojeni tonovi” Gallery “Panorama”, Mala Gostiona, Palic
2014 - “Views”, Gallery “73”, Belgrade
2014 - “Easter April in Belgrade”, White Palace, Belgrade
2013 - “Fourth Biennale of Drawing in Serbia”, Gallery of the Historical Archives of Pancevo, Pancevo
2013 - “Prosthetic bodies”, Gallery “Progres”, Belgrade
2013 - “Ekokult”, Natural History Museum, Novi Sad                                                                                                                
2013 - “New Art Space”, Reading Room Gallery, London                                                                                                                        2013 - “Charity exhibition - Easter eggs”, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade
2013 - “For Children without pain”, Gallery “Progres”, Belgrade
2013 - “Spring Exhibition”, Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
2012 - “December salon”, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade
2012 - “Serbian painters”, Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
2012 - “Drawings and small format sculptures”, Gallery” SILOS”, Valjevo
2012 - “Zemun Salon”, Gallery “Stara kapetanija”, Zemun, Belgrade
2012 - “Autumn salon”, Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
2012 - “Art Market“, House of King Peter I, Belgrade                                                                                                                
2011 - “Video screening“, Cite Internationale des arts, Paris                                                                                                                   2010 - “Nature & Art”, Heritage House, Belgrade                                                                                                                                  2010 - “Nature & Art”, National museum of Valjevo, Valjevo                             
2010 - “Nature & Art”, National museum of Valjevo, Valjevo2010 - “Honey and blood - UTOPIA”, Art Clinic, Novi Sad
2009 - “In-difference IV”, “Static Movement”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2009 - “Honey and blood”, “ Booze Coperativa” Gallery, Athens
2009 - “Crossroads”, University library “Svetozar Markovic“, Belgrade
2008 - “Divcibare 2008”, National museum of Valjevo, Valjevo
2008 - “40 years of SKC”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade              
2008 - "Videophile", video festival, Skopje
2007 - "Another Roadside Attraction", Video Festival, London
2007 - "April meeting", Student Cultural Center, Belgrade                                                                              
2007 - “We’re#1”, “Smoke” Gallery, Niagara Falls
2007 - “Intermedia IV”, VIP Art Gallery, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2006 - “New year exhibition”, Gallery “ULUS”, Belgrade
2006 - “SKC to MKC”, Youth Cultural centre , Skopje
2006 - “Stills from video”, Gallery “Circus”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2006 - “And there was Tesla”, Gallery “Progres”, Belgrade
2006 - “Re_set:[01]”, “Context” Gallery, Belgrade
2006 - “In-difference III”, VIP Art Gallery, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2006 - “New members of ULUS”, Art pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”, Belgrade
2005 - "Recontres internationales Paris/Berlin", Sweden cultural centre, Paris
2005 - “FLU”, House of Military of Serbia and Montenegro, Belgrade
2005 - “Terminal00”, Multimedia festival, Metropol, Ljubljana
2005 - “Alternative Culture Festival, ZALET”, Heritage house of Nikola Pasic, Zajecar      
2005 - “April meeting ‘05”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2005 - “Unclaimed Luggage”, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
2004 - “Art Sale”, ‘Remont” Gallery, Belgrade
2004 - “FLUid_2004”, Youth Cultural Center, Belgrade
2004 - November Art Salon”, Gallery “Mаrzik”, ULUK, Kraljevo
2004 - “IV Art biennale”, Cultural Center of Smederevo, Smederevo  
2004 - "I love politices", Barutana Glaery, Belgrade
2004 - "Life in colour, Cultural centre Belgrade, Gallery Artget
2003 - “April meeting ’03”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2002 - “April meeting ‘02”, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade
2002 - “Art Sale Exhibition”, Heritage house of Princess Ljubica, Belgrade
2002 - “FLU Belgrade show”, Gallery of Graphic Center, Thessaloniki
2001 - “New year exhibition”, Gallery ‘Context”, Valjevo
2001 - “Real Presence”, Museum “25. Маj”, Belgrade
1998 - “Experiment III”, National museum of Valjevo, Valjevo


Residence Programs and Art Colonies

2014 - “Obojeni tonovi” Hotel “Elitte” Palic, Palic      
2013 - "Artist in residence Fort George Croatia", Island of Vis, Croatia
2013 - “Art Colony Vila-Mila”, Vila Mila, Arandjelovac                                                                                                                                    2013 - “Art Colony Procvetaj”, Art Festival “Procvetaj”, Art Pavilion “Cvijeta Zuzoric”
2011 - “Artist in residence at Cite international des arts Pais”, Paris, France

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Awards Vojislav Radovanovic

2004 -KulturKontakt stipend for International Summer Akademie of Fine Arts in Salzburg
2004 -International Summer Akademie of Fine Arts scholarship
2004 -Special award in “IV Art biennale of Smederevo”



Art collection of Cultural center Grocka, Grocka, Belgrade
Art collection of Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Art collection of Gallery “Jovan Popović”, Opovo
Art collection of City Hall of Novi Sad, Novi Sad



2009 - “The Novel of Nonel and Vovel”, by Mrs. Oreet Ashery and Mrs. Larissa Sansour, published by Charta,London.

2000 - “Artificial insemination“, songbook by Mrs. Marka Tomic, published by Gymnasium of Valjevo



2004 - “From the Artist’s diary, volume 1”, postcard book-30 postcards

2004 -“From the Artist’s diary, volume 2”, postcard book-30 postcards


Author / Curatorial projects

2006 - “Re_mapping”, site specific installation and exhibition (with artists Mladen Hrvanovic and Veljko Zejak),

Park Usce, Belgrade

2003 - “2 FEMININE”, curatorial project, exhibition about feminism with artists Jelena Marta Glisic and Ivana

Smiljanic, Gallery Gima, Valjevo;

2003 - “5th”, curatorial project, selection of video works, April meeting ’03, Student Cultural Center, Belgrade