Can You See What I See?

Upcoming Exhibition

We have been busy preparing for our upcoming exhibition at the Norden Farm Gallery. “Can You See What I See?” featuring works by James Devlin, Sophia Burns, Tim Bradford and Angela Brittain.
We are very happy with the pieces we have selected for the exhibition and are now thinking in more detail about how to hang them in the Norden Farm Gallery’s space. 

What goes where?  
To help us with this question we have built a 3D model of the space and we are now busy moving miniature versions of the paintings we are going to exhibit around in this space. The 3D model is a great tool it helps us visualise the show and choose juxtapositions. We’re also trying to think about how the visitor will move through the space, we have one room at The Norden Farm Gallery for the show, and we want to create a sense development within this space.

The exhibition details:
Date: 11th - 23rd November 2014
Venue: Norden Farm Gallery
Altwood Road, Maidenhead SL6 4PF

Gallery opening times:
Tues - Sat 3pm - 10pm
Sun 10am - 10pm

Free Entry