New Artwork - Natalia Davis

We are excited to be featuring two new paintings by Natalia Davis.                                                                  
A selection of her distinct work will also be featured at the upcoming “Elusive Line” group show in London. Curated by SiOTT Gallery and hosted at the Riverside Studio Gallery in London, the  exhibition explores the "elusive line" between figuration and abstraction. 

A tale of two halves, by   Natalia Davis  .

A tale of two halves, by Natalia Davis.

Natalia is a London based artist. She studied at Central Saint Martins before gaining her BA in Fine Art at the University of Leeds in 2009.

Her work is characterised by bold, energetic brushwork that is both structural and abstract, the paint maps a topography of form, surface and space. Not only is the construction or formation of the image (physical artwork) present in the finished work, but significantly it is the process itself that is central in determining the work. Whilst intensely colourful and abstract at a glance, the eye will continue to extract the detail amongst the paint, mapping the image in the same dynamic by which it was constructed.

"Turn left at the third village" by   Natalia Davis  .

"Turn left at the third village" by Natalia Davis.