Taking care of your artwork

Sunset at Albert Dock by   Akther Bano

Sunset at Albert Dock by Akther Bano

Taking care of your artwork is easy and very straight forward.

Follow these practical steps to ensure your paintings stay in perfect condition.        


Correct handling of artwork promotes its safety. Try to handle artwork as infrequently and briefly as possible when it is moved between storage and display or during preparation for transport. Take your time and handle one artwork at a time.


Check that the artwork is ready to hang with appropriate wire for the weight of your artwork. 

Keep the artwork out of direct sunlight as the ultraviolet of natural sunlight will cause the painting to fade.  The best policy is to hang the artwork in a room with low levels of direct or artificial lighting

Do not hang the artwork above radiators and fireplaces or anywhere where it is exposed to very high heat and eliminate any smoking near the painting. 
Find a place for the artwork where it does not run risk of it being bumped or leaned against.


It is important to store artworks in a cool and dry area, avoid storage areas prone to heat or humidity. Heat or humidity will deteriorate any painting.


Remove dust with a very soft, clean brush like a paintbrush that has been set aside just for cleaning artwork. Do not use any chemicals to clean it.