Questions & Answers with Akther Bano

Akther Bano is a Manchester based award winning artist. Her paintings capture the mizzled atmosphere of the Derbyshire landscape. She creates her distinctive paintings entirely with painting knives and landscapes with facets and transient lights perfectly suit her knife techniques, where she sculpts onto the canvas in rich impasto pigment.
Find out the inspirations and goals of Akther Bano in this weeks Q&A.

Derbyshire hill disperse your secrets by  Akther Bano

Derbyshire hill disperse your secrets by Akther Bano

Where do I get my inspiration from? 
Well for me, this is a very thoughtful question. My art inspiration came from, ‘Mother Nature’ Art is all around us, everywhere. What we make of our surroundings depends individually on ourselves. Going back to when I was about 9, I can recall studying fresh fruit when it came to the house. Different shades of green vegetables, above all flowers. Every Flower, of every colour.

Which Artists do you admire? 
Van Gogh

Can you talk about your ideas and how they evolve? 
I have a busy schedule; a family on one side and art on the other. Nature is all around us. What I do with ‘some’ of my work is mix reality with imagination. Where ever I go I take snap shots of places, flowers, trees, shadows, and light, anything that pleases me. Later, I put all this in front of me and start taking the best bits out, which most interest me. For me, the more natural ingredients I have, the more mouth watering colour I love producing.

How would you describe your work? 
I describe my work as very colourful and emotional. I also see my work fitting in different fields. I describe it as a mix ‘bag’; something for everyone. Simple, yet Art.

What do you like about your art work? 
What I like about my work is the texture, which even fascinates me. Creating texture is like putting life into a painting. Feeling is another sensation. I like to apply paint as thick as possible with a knife, enjoying the texture and richness of colour that my unique method produces. Above all, I want to represent my work to viewers that is worth paying for.

Professionally, what’s your goal? 

My goal is; life is too short. Whatever time I have got In The Name Of Allah (My God), I will paint. Paint as beautiful as possible to attract viewers to be my fans and known with other artists.