Questions & Answers with Deivis Slavinskas

Learn more about London based artist Deivis Slavinskas and his striking multi-layered and textured paintings in this weeks Q&A.

Deivis Slavinskas , Standing Male Figure

Deivis Slavinskas, Standing Male Figure

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Wow, that would be a zillion of things - the universe and the solar system, billions of those celestial years and how it compares to our subjective perception of time; human evolution and the evolution of all species altogether; ecology, archeology, psychology; individual people and societies, cultures and differences between them; moral standards, religions, alchemy, dreams and such.

The funny thing is that I feel all this stuff being actually one, somehow inseparable thing and that the ultimate answer is buried deeply somewhere in our subconscious. And actually what I am doing is digging into it by painting and sometimes bits and pieces do connect.

Which artists do you admire?

I admire ALL artists! It’s not an exaggeration - every piece I saw, every artist I met enriches my experience and subsequently - my art.

But if had to mention few artists from the top of my head that would be F.Hundertwasser for his ‘intelligent automatism’ and his philosophy; Paul Klee with whom I feel very closely connected through his art; Joan Miró whose ‘studies of archetypes’ is not dissimilar from my path; Clive Barker for his creativity being like a supernova for me; Hieronymus Bosch for his courage to descend so deeply into the subconscious and to ‘document’ that in such a detail. The list should go on almost infinitely and it should include many creative guys from other areas also

Can you talk about how your ideas and how they evolve?

I guess I should feel lucky because there are already too many ideas that branch out into even more and then interbreed among themselves creating something new and quite unexpected. It’s like a forest of trees which would be enjoyable if one had the possibility to put it all on canvases.

But when finally I decide with which idea to proceed, then it usually dictates its own style and execution. Luckily for me that never works in a strict sequence. When the artwork develops, the visual progress starts to influence the initial idea and it all goes a full circle again often resulting with something fairly different from what I imagined.

How would you describe your work?

The most important for me is to create an ambiguous, conceptually and visually multi-layered piece so the viewer would discover (or even invent) something new each day. My ultimate dream-goal is to create a visual ‘portal’ which would hypnotize the viewer into creating whole new worlds within himself/herself - like some novels manage to do.

Also it’s very important for me that my piece would have a strong physical presence, almost as it was ‘alive and breathing’, in order to connect with viewer more intimately. For that I am building thick layers of paint, strong textures and sometimes going as far as creating two-and-half-dimensional that include natural materials, sculpted and/or found objects. Preparations for such projects could be as time consuming as the final fine-tuning (“maturation time”) but each such journey is the reward by itself.