Tips For Selling Art Online

The current art market is expanding and changing with the help of the internet and selling art online is here to stay. The internet offers great opportunities for artists to be part of this development, and use it to their advantage and grow their career. However, with more artists moving online to sell their work, it is not enough to sit back and wait to be found by art lovers.  There is a need for artists to actively promote themselves when looking to sell online and here are a few tips to get you started.

Mike Bell , Sunset low tide coast rhythms and textures 1ab

Mike Bell, Sunset low tide coast rhythms and textures 1ab

Write good quality descriptions of your art

Viewing and buying art online is one of the growth areas of the internet. The main e-commerce platforms for artists will provide artists with a chance to provide their bio, a statement about their work or themselves and a description of the art piece. It stands to reason that these descriptions should be well written and up to date utilising proper spelling and grammar. Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions on your content or ask for assistance in writing it.

You will also want to make sure that your written content is optimised for search engines and buyers. The notion of SEO (search engine optimisation) is crucial to being found online and it is the main driver of traffic to many sites. There are plenty of guides online to read about SEO but basically, you want to think about the buyer and what they are looking for.

You should think about the keyword terms a potential buyer of your art would type into search engines. These are your keyword terms, and you should aim to include them in your descriptions and bios as much as you can. 

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Understand the importance of a professional presentation and professional images. It is crucial that you showcase you work with professional images and display your artwork in the best possible way. The quality of the artwork image and the information presented on the website are one of the key factors when buying art online.

Engage with others

There is definitely a need to be seen when you sell online and this means going beyond the website platform you sell from. If you sell from your own page, make sure you have a comments section and provide people with an opportunity to get in touch and connect with you through various social media accounts. There are also many popular platforms for placing images that allow people to browse, enjoy your work and to connect with you. Don’t ignore offline networking and sales activities and try to exhibit your artworks in as many offline spaces as possible, including your studio.

Steven Porter , Untitled

Steven Porter, Untitled

Use social media

Use social media as a networking tool. Facebook also provides plenty of connectivity and there is a chance to reach out to your friends, set up events and connect with a lot of new contacts. If you are looking to host local events and galleries, you will find that Facebook is the ideal platform to host everything you need while providing people with what they want to know about you.

Depending on your art form, video content may not be too relevant but it can be a fantastic way for you to connect with an audience and show your work. Behind Google, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet, so having content on there (with good quality SEO), you stand a strong chance of bringing people to your work. You can also showcase some of your own personality and style with behind the scenes video clips or clips that show you creating your artwork.

Run a blog

You should also consider setting up a blog. Not everyone is as comfortable writing as they are in creating art, but even a Tumblr blog which showcases more on your art than words, could be of benefit. However, it is good to show that you are an artist with thoughts and opinion on art and the world around you. 


Give your art career a strong foundation. Be professional and provide a great customer service to all your clients. Be persistent, aim to create your best work, support it with the best marketing and your art career can be successful and rewarding.