Questions & Answers with Angieszka Wichary

Agnieszka Wichary moved from Poland to the United Kingdom to pursue her career in art. Her small, detailed drawings are easy recognisable, telling multiple stories of everyday life and situations. In this weeks Q&A she reveals details about her work and inspiration. Here is what we have learned:

Agnieszka Wichary , Restart Or Trap 

Agnieszka Wichary, Restart Or Trap 

SG: Where do you get your inspiration from?
AW: Where do I get my inspiration from? The first and the shortest answer is: from nowhere, meaning from my head, but it is a cliche' and a bit impolite. To be serious, I am educated as a Polish philologist and as a stage designer, so books are my "natural environment", and my Imagination is mostly focused on stories, interactions and actions. The big impact on my visual imagination were: all fairy tales by Christian Andersen and Romain Rolland's novel "Colas Breughnon" about a wood sculptor and Patrick Süskind "Perfume" both because of the passion in work and description.

Also each day I discover a lot of shapes on pavements, floors, walls, stones, planks etc. they move me ... they touch my spirit (bit pathetic- isn't it?, but true).

SG: Which artists do you admire?
AW: I admire works of poets, writers, composers, architects and also traditional craftsmanship. I do not have a favorite painter, but I do love paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. The walls in my house are empty because that way I use my imaginations instead of seeing ready images. But if I have to choose somebody, my choice would be Hundertwasser and his architectural pictures.

SG: Can you talk about how your ideas and how they evolve?
AW: I have no ideas! I just take piece of paper and instead of writing memories I draw a picture, very often first is the tittle, connected with conversations, issues, doubts and dreams. May be it is also kind of self psychotherapy?

Agniezska Wichary , Cold Winter

Agniezska Wichary, Cold Winter

SG: How would you describe your work?
AW: Perhaps it is bit surrealistic, bit childish sometimes. I prefer to let specialists give the definition.

SG: What do you consider to be the heart of your work?
AW: It is just me, I do not select my pictures for own drawer, for friends, for sale, all is part of my day by day life some better, some worse, some amusing some serious, also when I am happy I use colours, if not stay with black ink. Maybe this is a kind of confession or mental rehab (each of us has personal demons... ha ha ha ha)

SG: Professionally, what’s your goal?
AW: I do not feel as a professional, I just want to sell my work to create room for new pictures (joke). I like it when people watch my work in their homes with curiosity and share impressions and thoughts with me. They usually see more shapes than I do, and even show it to me! This is it!  Magic. I like it, so I want to find good owners for all my artworks.