Top Tips For Artist To Successfully Market And Sell Their Work

Are you ready to sell?

Think about your art as a business. The business of selling and promoting yourself as an artist has become both easier and harder over the last few years. Easier as there are ever increasing avenues where you're able to sell your art online and make a name for yourself - harder for the same reason. Here are our top tips to make sure your stand out from the crowd.

Presentation of your work

Understand the importance of a professional presentation and professional images. What sets you apart from others? A reflection of this uniqueness should be evident throughout your projects and presentation of your work. The presentation should  support your work in the best possible way.

How can collectors and galleries find you?

When a potential buyer sees your work at an exhibition, make it easy for them to find you afterwards. Make sure to hand out business cards. Start a mailing list, and build a database of people interested in your work, keep them updated on what you are doing. Further share your news (upcoming show, new artwork) by sending a Press Release.

Pricing of your artwork

Price your work realistically. Check out your what you consider to be your competition, what are they selling their artwork for? Price your work closely to artists with similar experience and talent to yours. Be consistent with your pricing structure and have realistic expectations, this will help you communicate your prices with confidence.  If you are an established artist your pricing structure will be determent by your accomplishments, exhibitions and sales performance.

Join a social media platform

Find a social media platform that works for you as a networking tool. By building up and actively managing a community online, you can directly influence how many people come to your next exhibition or group show. There are plenty of platforms to host everything you need while providing people with what they want to know about you. 

Sell online at websites right for your work:

It is important you find the right place to sell your art.  Research different online art platforms and find a place which suits your art and your goals. Look carefully at the work of the artists they currently represent and consider whether or not your own would fit comfortably alongside them.

Enter Competitions

There are unlimited number of national and international competitions and juried shows to choose from. Take the time to investigate and identify competitions suitable for your art practice. Entering competitions can provide you with an excellent opportunity to evaluate your work. Jurors are often well known with considerable experience and prizes are generally chosen to benefit artist in ways that matter.  

Check  our open calls page for current competitions.

Framed & unframed

Think about offering clients interested in your work a framed and an unframed option for your art. Often, buyers don't want to have to deal with the task of framing a painting, but there are also many art buyers who want to pick their own frame. Also, offering a framed option gives you a chance to present your work in the best possible way, which can help you sell your work.

What about size?

Bigger does not necessarily translate into a higher price. Many art buyers might find it difficult to display large works of art. While it is important to explore different formats keep in mind that it is an artists work and idea that commands high prices not the size of the work.

Limit the number of artworks to present

Taking this step will enable people to really scrutinise and appreciate every piece that you present, rather than overwhelm them. Keep in mind how your work will be perceived as a whole, stay focused on the projects and promotions that matter for your work, and ignore the rest.

Stay true to your ideas

It is important to experiment and try new things, but stay true to your ideas and beliefs. Know what sets your work apart from others and make this evident throughout each of your projects. Stick at it, keep making art, work through difficult phases, you will be glad you did. 

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