Limited Edition Silkscreen Prints

In addition to original paintings we now have high quality limited edition silkscreen prints available for sale by Christine Calow. The vibrant prints are signed and numbered and only exist as prints.

Christine Calow's silkscreen prints are created by hand, a process which requires painstaking attention to detail.

Each stencil image or coloured layer is printed through a screen, which consists of polyester mesh stretched over a wood or aluminium frame. A screen bed is used to hold the screen and paper in place and the ink is pushed through the mesh with a squeegee.

Christine Calow creating silkscreen prints.

Christine Calow creating silkscreen prints.

Stencils can be made in a number of different ways to create alternative effects. Christine builds up her compositions by using hand cut stencils to print a base of flat colours.  She then uses photographic screens to superimpose her layers of painted and drawn marks. The marks are drawn on to a translucent film and are transferred to the screen mesh through a photographic process using a light sensitive emulsion coating.

Christine uses the silkscreen process to create original images that exist only as prints. They are not copies of paintings or collages

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