Questions and Answers with Japanese Abstract Artist Kotaro Machiyama

Artists at SiOTT come from around the globe, such as our latest artist, Japanese-based Kotaro Machiyama. Machiyama’s exhibit at SiOTT features a 13 piece collection of his distinct colour-rich style, and his innovative work with acrylics.

We are delighted to feature Machiyama in this weeks Q & A. Machiyama’s work takes the viewer on a journey and seeks to remind us of the beauty and wonders we have forgotten.We are proud to be working with him, he is a very talented artist that is certainly one to watch.  

SG: Where do you get your inspiration from?

KM: I get my inspiration from painting, photography, landscape, graphic, textile and more...

SG. Which artists do you admire?

KM: David Hockney, Joan Miró, Henri Matisse, Peter Doig and more... 

SG: Can you talk about your ideas and how they evolve?

KM: My ideas are from looking for things that captivate me and then understanding it. In many cases, It is a landscape, especially natural ones. I choose the main colors and shapes I find in nature and paint it on canvas.

SG: How would you describe your work?

KM: My work is an expression of things that have charmed me, I see beauties in the motif and then describe what i feel and see with painting.

SG: What is a ‘typical’ workday for you like?

KM: I would like the workday to be painting all day. But I have many other jobs too, so it is seldom.

SG: Is there a specific theme or concept you keep in all of your work or does it change with each series?

KM: Yes. I have the concept which is in my artist statement.

SG: Tell us about the materials and techniques of your latest work. Is there a specific process and set up for creating your paintings?

KM: I use acrylics and canvas. 
My process are 
1. Sketching. I go out for sketching
2. Draft. I make some drafts with a pencil and paper, or PC and Photoshop.
3. Painting on canvas. First, I paint to rough. Next, I paint many times to try to make the correct color, shape and thickness. And then finishing touches.

SG: Are you a part of any artists groups or organisations that have been beneficial (to your work in general or career as an artist)?

KM: No, I have not been it.

SG: If you could own one work of art what would it be?

KM: Joan Miró, Bleu II (1961)


To view more of his work click here