What's Happening In Art This Week

1.Leon Golub: Bite Your Tongue

Bite Your Tongue, 2001 Acrylic on linen 221 x 388 cm

Bite Your Tongue, 2001 Acrylic on linen 221 x 388 cm

Bite Your Tongue presents the work of Leon Golub (1922-2004) a postwar figurative American painter. Golub, served in World War II and his wartime experience is clearly evident in his work.

Born in Chicago Golub began painting in the early 1950s and produced over 50 paintings and drawings of varying scales. Golub played with scale and the works in the exhibition range from smaller works on paper to monumental unstretched canvases.

Golub believed that art needs to reflect and react to its time and the collective human experience. Golub's works speak of violence, oppression and misuse of power. His works convey strong psychological and emotive messages. His paintings from the 1950s depict universal images of man where as his work from the 1970s and '80s is highly politicized. His work from the 1990s depict dystopian scenes of urban life.

 Bite Your Tongue is showing at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City September 12, 2015–February 7, 2016.

2.Well Worn Truths: Masur Museum of Art

Sonya Clark, Marraskuuta 2015

Sonya Clark, Marraskuuta 2015

Well worn Truths addresses depictions of the body in contemporary art. The artists examine the various uses and ideas that the body encompass through various media. It looks at how the body can express ideas that are confined by time and also examines ideas that transcend the limits of time. The works within the exhibition include literal representations of individuals and groups as well as metaphorical depictions of bodies.

The artists represented in this exhibition include: Kyle Bravo, Sonya Clark, Eliot Dudik, Cetin Oguz, David Politzer, Felandus Thames and David Politzer. Monica Blackmun Visona, Michael Harris, et al write that Sonya Clark's inventive use of forms and bright colors imbue her works with a strong statement of cultural identity. (A History of Art in Africa).

Sonya's work is depicted in the photograph above.
Well Worn Truths is on view at The Masur Museum of Art from 04-Nov-2015 until 20-Feb-2015

3.Goya the portraits: London's national gallery

Francisco de Goya, 'Self Portrait in his studio', 1793-5

Francisco de Goya, 'Self Portrait in his studio', 1793-5

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) was an eighteenth century’s leading Spanish painter who is said to have taken portrait painting to a new level due to his ability to reveal the psychology of his sitter. Goya was 37 when he secured his first important portrait commission from Spain's Prime Minister Count Floridablanca. After this commissioned work Goya gained a reputation and his fame grew quickly.

This exhibition is the first exhibition to solely focus on Goya's portraits. On show are over 50 of Goya's most outstanding portraits from around the world. The exhibition explores Goya's unconventional approach to portraiture, which worked to extend the traditional boundaries of the art of portraiture. Through his portraiture, as well as in his other works, Goya makes comments on the social norms of his day.

 Goya The Portraits is on view through January 10, 2016 London's National Gallery

4.Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angle

Francesca Woodman  Untitled    (1977-1978)

Francesca Woodman Untitled (1977-1978)

Francesca Woodman used photography in a very expressive and personal way. She features as the subject of her photographs and by doing so reveals her inner workings and being.

Despite her suicide in 1981 at the age of 22 Woodman left behind a large body of work. The exhibition is features 102 photographs, and six short videos.  The exhibition has been organized by the Moderna Museet in Stockholm in collaboration with the Estate of Francesca Woodman. Woodman looks at themes such as representation, gender, sexuality and corporality. Woodman often confronts the viewer with her nakedness or seeks to conceal her naked body by, for example, squeezing into a cupboard of wrapping herself in material.

 Woodman was influenced by symbolism and surrealism and often her photographs arouse oppressive feelings.

Francesca Woodman: On Being an Angel is on view at Foam museum through March 9, 2016.

5.Splendour and Misery. Pictures of Prostitution, 1850-1910: Musee d'Orsay

Installation view of splendor and misery Installation view of ‘Splendour and Misery’ at the Musée d’Orsay

Installation view of splendor and misery Installation view of ‘Splendour and Misery’ at the Musée d’Orsay

Henri Gervex,  Rolla , 1878, oil on canvas.

Henri Gervex, Rolla, 1878, oil on canvas.

The exhibition at Musee d'Orsay is the first major show on the subject of prostitution. The exhibition, which is held in Paris, explores a time in Paris when prostitution was very much present. This occurred during the second half of the 19th century. The exhibition features a wide variety of mediums including; paintings, drawings sculpture and photography and cinematography.

The exhibition is comprehensive in its coverage of works and features works from Manet's Olypia, Dega's Absinthe to Toulous-Leautrec and Munch and through to Vlaminck and Picasso. The exhibition seeks to reveal the central place that the often taboo subject of prostitution held in modern art. The works reveal the often ambivalent and varied role of the prostitute as it shows the elegance of the demi-mondaineto and the sadness of the street walker. 

The exhibition is on view until January 17, 2016.

6.Mario Abela: Wood love some space

Mario Abela, is a largely self-taught artist who lives and works in Malta. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Masters in Fine Arts- Digital Arts from the University of Malta. Over the past three years he has been gradually making a shift from graphic design to visual art and the works that are on display in the exhibition are primarily works done with charcoal on paper.
His deliberate choice of the medium of charcoal on paper means that his work is strongly grounded in nature and the natural. His ideas, however, are left to wander through realms as diverse as metaphysics and astrophysics.

 He writes that his work seek to “recover memories; those of an existentialist trying to synthesize the triangular relationship between self consciousness, life itself and the cosmos.” 

 Wood Love Some Space, is being held at Art e Gallery, Gozo Malta from December 5 – January 2, 2016

7.Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei

Andy Warhol – Ai Weiwei explores the work of two significant artist of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The exhibition looks at the influence that these two artist had on modern art and contemporary life. Throughout the exhibition similarities, differences and points of overlap are seen in these artistic practice of these two artists. 

The exhibition is comprised of over 300 works, including painting, sculpture, film, photography and new commissions and impressive installations.

Andy Warhol represents the 'American' twentieth century modernity while Ai Weiwei can be said to reflect the contemporary life in the twenty-first century and what has been refereed to as the imminent 'Chinese century'.

Ai Weiwei commented, ‘‘I believe this is a very interesting and important exhibition and an honour for me to have the opportunity to be exhibited alongside Andy Warhol. This is a great privilege for me as an artist.”

 The exhibition is on show at the National Gallery of Victoria Australia from 11 December -24 April 2016.

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