Abstract Art - But What Does It Mean Or Does It Really Matter?

Guest article by Lance Winslow

Does abstract art need a story to help it sell? Some does, some doesn't. Consider many of the pieces which have been sold at auctions, pieces made centuries ago, by some of the greats. Most of those pieces we have no idea what the artist was thinking, even if we think we do. What about modern abstract artists, should they have stories behind them, motivating the artist, giving inspiration for the canvas immortalized art? Let's talk.

Not long ago, I was speaking with an acquaintance about this and I stated that we perhaps should have these pieces explained, however often "the best abstract art, most sellable would be that which means different things to different people. So, in that case wouldn't it be better if it's not to be explained at all, rather leave it as a muse to thought, to push one's buttons, and it is best when it is left up to the observer how far that button depresses, not necessarily the artist giving the explanation. Now then, this was my original take on it.

My acquaintance likened my answer to a Poem, it speaks for itself. If done write it portrays a message without any further explanation, it sets you in the mood, scene and stirs up real human emotion.

It is interesting, and yes, the art critics and historians completely distort and contort the meaning of the piece, "if there was one" sometimes there isn't. The artist started to do something, then kind of changed their mind, lost in thought and then had the wisdom to quit while they were ahead, or they kept painting and much of it they'd call a mistake or throw-away but someone else thought otherwise, "great, but pay me and you can call it or say anything you want, because quite frankly I'd rather paint than talk to a moron art critic." I've heard artists say such things to me before. I just laugh, I get their view too.

Now then, sometimes a storyline does help, and the promoter is usually the one with the line of BS, sometimes artists are also promoters, especially working artists wanting to derive a decent income from was once a hobby but now a job. Let me ask you? Do you have a story behind each of your art pieces that you create? It might help in many cases sell those pieces, and in the case of abstract art, perhaps a descriptive title is all you need, let the buyer "own it" and let their emotion create a message for the piece. Please consider all this and think on it.

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