What's Happening In Art This Week

1. No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection

Isa Genzken, Schauspieler, 2013

Isa Genzken, Schauspieler, 2013

The Rubell Family Collection (RFC) in Miami is displays part of the works that form the collection of one family, Donald and Mera Rubell and their two adult children Jason and Jennifer.

This exhibition is comprised of the work of more than a hundred female artists. The artists are from varying cultures, disciplines and generations and have produced work in a wide variety of mediums including: painting, photography, video installation and sculpture.

The body of work on display is extensive and occupies all 28 room of the gallery. Some of the rooms display individual presentations while others show groups of artists who have been placed together because of the similar themes they employ in their work.

Different artists will be displayed at different times as the artwork will be rotated throughout the duration of the exhibition. Some of the artists who have works included in the exhition are Celia Paul, Jenny Holzer, Sonia Gomes, Katharina Fritsch, Rosemarie Trockel and Laura Owens.

No Man’s Land is on view in Miami from December 2, 2015 – May 28, 2016. 

2. Max Beckmann in New York

Max Beckmann, Beginning, 1949, oil on canvas 

Max Beckmann, Beginning, 1949, oil on canvas 

Beckmann spent 10 years exiled in Amsterdam from 1937-1947 during this time his work was labeled as “degenerate” by the Nazis. In 1928 Beckmann emigrated to America where he was to live until the end of his life. His works had been shown in New York since the late 1920s, however it was not until 1949 that he himself moved there.

The exhibition showcases around forty paintings, including works from the 1920s – 1940s and works he created during the period he lived in New York. The subject matter of the works displayed in the exhibition vary dramatically. Included are: expressionist, mythical interiors; self-portraits; portraits of women; landscapes; and triptychs.

As a child in Leipzig, Germany, Beckmann was particularly keen to illustrate imaginative journeys. In his work ‘Beginning’ Beckmann reflects on his childhood. The work was completed in 1949 when Beckman was sixty-five years old. The subject matter is autobiographic. On April 22, 1949, Beckmann wrote in his diary of having "cut down" (finished) Beginning with "marvelous success."

 Max Beckmann in New York is on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from October 2016-February 2017.  

3. Picasso East, First Art Gallery in Cairo

'Picasso East' is the first art gallery in New Cairo.

'Picasso East' is the first art gallery in New Cairo.

'Picasso East' is the first art gallery in New Cairo.

'Picasso East' is the first art gallery in New Cairo.

Picasso East is a new art gallery that has opened in Cairo, Egypt. It is said to be destined to be one of Egypt’s leading art galleries. In a city that still lacks an artistic presence Picasso East is sure to bring artistic color and life to the region. “We want to feature abstract art in an innovative way; we started with large, beautiful space and a new location,” says founder and owner Ibrahim Abdel Rahma.

The gallery features work by both emerging and well-established artists, including the work of Ibrahim Abdel Rahma.  “Picasso East Art Gallery is aiming to become the first art platform to expose artists to a wider audience and to foster dialogue between artists and their audience, as well as building a valuable collection under one roof,” said its founder.

The opening exhibition featured just over 50 well-established artists. The mediums of the works displayed were painting and a few select sculptures.

The opening exhibition was held on Saturday 23 January. 

4. Form in Fiber

Deborah Kuster of Conway, right, professor of art at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, seen with former student Marianne Nolley at the opening reception for Form in Fiber. Kuster and Nolley both have works in the show. 

Deborah Kuster of Conway, right, professor of art at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, seen with former student Marianne Nolley at the opening reception for Form in Fiber. Kuster and Nolley both have works in the show. 

The idea that unites all the artist in the show is that of ‘shelter’ This idea of ‘shelter’ is broad — possibly as physical, emotional, interpersonal, environmental or as finding shelter in the creative process itself,” Kuster said in her curator’s statement. “My goal is that this exhibit will provide shelter for the viewer in some personal way.”

The work on display is all fiber art. Kuster defines contemporary fiber art as “art made using traditional fiber techniques such as sewing, weaving, basketry, crochet, knotting, embroidery and textiles.” Kuster has four pieces in the exhibition. One of these pieces entitled ‘Got to Go Dance’ was created in 2014 using hand-woven and felted fibers that are machine-pieced and quilted.

The artist that are participating in the exhibition are: Nnenna Okore; Kate Anderson; Amanda Salm; Lanny Bergner, Polly Jacobs Giacchina; Eve Deisher; Jan Hopkins; Lindsay Ketterer Gates; Andrea Graham; Tucker Schwarz; Tom Lundberg; Ann B. Coddington; and Jo Stealey.

The exhibit, Finding Shelter: An Exhibition of Contemporary Fiber Art, is on display at North Little Rock and will continue through February 18.

5. The State of Architecture: Practices and Processes in India, Mumbai:

The exhibition is spread across the four levels of the museum. The ground floor is dedicated to the profession of architecture while the upper levels tell of modern Indian history and the architecture it shaped.

This exhibition showcases the current position of architecture in India. It also includes a large historical view of Indian architecture since its Independence. The intention of the exhibition is to elicit conversation about architecture within the patrons and the larger public. As such the exhibition not only shows emerging practices but also talks about the goals aims and desires of the architects and architecture itself. The exhibition shows the various streams of architectural thought; evidence of the pluralism of India. The content is often intestinally provocative.

The exhibition is accompanied by smaller exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies and symposia.

The exhibition The State of Architecture: Practices and Processes in India is on show at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai from 6 January – 20 March, 2016. 

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