Interview with Jaime Valtierra Organiser of Blind Plural: An Open Call For Artists

We spoke to Jamie Valtierra of Hundred Years Gallery in London. He is one of the organisers of Blind Plural: An open call for artists working in all disciplines and cross-disciplinary practices.

We asked Jamie a few questions with the aim to give you further insight into their open call. 

Mexican-American War, Cerro Gordo,1847

Mexican-American War, Cerro Gordo,1847

SG: Hundred Years Gallery is now in its second edition of its annual open call. How did you come to the decision to include text-based art pieces?

HYG: Since the Gallery`s inception four years ago, we have had a varied program of art exhibitions, performance and experimental music events. Parallel to that we have been supporting underground publications and artists books which can be found in our cafe space. For this open call we wanted to encourage artists working with text or involved in art related publication projects to get the chance to be part of an art exhibition together with other practices on an equal foot through performance, readings, papers, etc.

SG: What role does this competition play within the local contemporary art scene?

HYG: Hundred Years Gallery is a vibrant and emerging gallery in Hoxton, Hackney. The space is run by artists who have strong links with organisations and individuals in the East End and other parts of London. Those applying to the open call have the chance of entering a exciting network which will increase their visibly and produce new opportunities in their careers.

SG: What is a successful open call according to your standards?

HYG: Our aim at Hundred Years Gallery is to present outstanding work from artists from varied artistic backgrounds, and to reflect the diversity of artistic creation in London and internationally through the open call. Counting on last year high standard of entries we will consider a success a similar input of great art leading to an exhibition and a series of events with great public attendance and interest.


SG: What advice would you give someone entering Blind Plural?

HYG: Present your best recent work which you find transgressive and innovative. As with the previous edition of the open call, the gallery wants to encourage artists to submit work that is challenging on an emotional, intellectual, or technical level and questions without restrictions of opinion common assumptions on actual topics of interest for the submitting artist. This year all practitioners are particularly invited to put forward pieces that comment on or play with issues related to the nature of hostility, its forms and representation.

The closing date for Blind Plural is 15. February 2015. 
For more information about the open call click here or visit Hundred Years Gallery