What’s going on in the art world?


Top tips to staying informed and developing a better understanding of what is going on the art world.

Photo by Dhoxax

Photo by Dhoxax

Starting an art collection? Buying art with confidence comes from an understanding of the art world, of which the buyer plays a vital part. To start buying art with confidence we recommend the following: invest time in buying art, do your research, be informed and try to see as much art as possible. Visit art fairs, galleries, museums and if you have the opportunity, private collections. Read art books and art magazines and talk to collectors, artists, curators, critics and galleries. Listen out for a buzz around certain artists, trends for styles, auction news and gallery gossip. Stay in the loop by listening to the art talk via newspapers, magazines, e-zines, gallery newsletters, blogs and social networking sites.


1.       Visit Galleries and Museums

Visit public art museums, and galleries, especially institutes of contemporary art and get familiar with the names and styles of the artists on display.  Public art galleries and museums can actively help you understand contemporary art in context. Take notice of artists you have a strong reaction to and take advantage of curatorial explanations and exhibition guides. 

Built a relationship with approachable galleries and who sell work by artists that appeal to your taste and are within your budget. Sign up to their mailing list, and then attend private views and openings. Here you will meet artists and fellow collectors and begin to develop a relationship with the gallery. Ask galleries about any local contemporary art societies, groups, websites, art fairs and publications they would recommend.


2.       Visit Art fairs

Large international art fairs provide an opportunity to see what is happening on the front lines of contemporary art. Art fairs are an important part of the contemporary art market, they show work by different artists under one roof, with the primary objective of selling works. Use them to see new trends emerge, become familiar with the artists around whom there is a buzz and use the smaller, satellite art fairs to familiarise yourself with the landscape of emerging artists and galleries. Discover new galleries and speak with the artists. Make a note of galleries you like and sign up to their mailing list.


3.       Read Art Magazines and art publications

Have a regular sources of international contemporary art news, in print or online and read. Read a lot.


Frieze Magazine – A leading contemporary art and culture magazine. Also highly notable for its association with the famous Frieze Art Fair and the Frieze Foundation.
The Art Newspaper -  Covering international art news and events.
Art Forum -  international monthly magazine specializing in contemporary art with focus on emerging art movements.
Art+Auction - New York based with an international reach and reputation in the world of Art and Auctions.
Monopol – German magazine covering international art news
art – German magazine covering art, design architecture and art market news.
Aesthetica - Aesthetica is one of the leading magazines on art, design, photography, architecture, music, film and performance.
Art monthly - UK's leading contemporary art magazine.
Apollo - Art news, comment and reviews and exclusive interviews with leading artists, curators and collectors.
Art Asia Pacific - Covers artists in countries across Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. 
Art in America - International magazine concentrating on the contemporary art in America.
Bloin ArtInfo Global source for the latest news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists.
News, views, reviews, features and opinion from the international art world in the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and beyond.
ARTnews - One of the oldest and most widely-circulated art magazine.Contains art reviews, and opinion pieces on developments in the art scene.


artdaily.com – Online art newspaper about art, artists, artwork, art galleries, art fairs and art travel.
artnet.com - Artnet.com is an art market website,  latest updates in the art world.
artworldsalon.com - Artworld Salon is a moderated discussion focused upon the fast-paced. transformations currently taking place in the global artworld.
ArtRabbit.com -  Lists contemporary art exhibitions and events and connect with museums, galleries, artists and curators worldwide.
www.independent-collectors.com – German originated platform, where collectors-members exhibit their collections online.
Hyperallergic -  A Brooklyn-based arts blog, a forum for serious, playful, and radical perspectives on art & culture in the world today.
Texte zur Kunst -  A German contemporary art magazine, controversial discussions and contributions by internationally leading writers on contemporary art and culture.
Colossal - Covers animation, to painting techniques, to music and to every imaginable kind of art out there. 
e-flux - A publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and enterprise which was founded in 1998.


4.       Art talks and courses

Talks and courses are a great way to broaden your art knowledge. It is worth signing up to mailing lists from art institutions who hold debates and lectures. Contemporary art courses, and or collecting contemporary art courses are offered at places such as London’s Whitechapel Gallery, Tate Modern  or ICA.

There are many art society membership schemes on offer, they are a great way of gaining exclusive access to events and exhibitions. These societies aim to nurture future collectors, benefactors and patrons, and raise money to buy contemporary art for cultural institutions to preserve existing collections or to support an artistic community.

More information is offered on the websites of various societies such as Contemporary Art Society,  The Art Fund  or Love Art London.


Make sure you have fun along the way and enjoy the process, share your favorite gallery with a friend and tailor your sources to your advantage: find local bloggers, newspapers, magazines and listings sites.

Why don't you share with us how do you stay in informed?


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