SHOWCASE....Untitled by Klever


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£2,825. Acrylic on paper. Untitled by Klever

£2,825. Acrylic on paper.
Untitled by Klever

Klever –  Untitled

The late artist Klever tried to return to the Soviet Union after being expelled (alongside 62 political “undesirables”) for his non-conformist painting. His attempt was unsuccessful, and he was forced to flee the state for the last time in 1987. A material trace of this departure—the CCCP export stamp—is visible on the back of several works which have just been released for sale after being held in storage for 30 years. That Klever and his paintings evaded the Soviet Regime is miraculous, given the fact that he had to hide them in make-shift false walls and with trustworthy friends. While his paintings that depict nude figures were vilified for their content, this abstract series would have been considered harmful to the regime for their sporadic and spontaneous nature. They exist today as a material representation of active resistance.