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£125. Pen on paper.  Ruck B012 by Alberto Repetti

£125. Pen on paper.
Ruck B012 by Alberto Repetti

Alberto Repetti – Ruck B012

Despite being a drawing, Ruck B012 bears a strong likeness to Man Ray’s iconic rayographs, a series of photographs Ray created in the 1920’s by placing objects on a sheet of photosensitized paper before exposing it to light. Ray’s experimental rayographs resemble a photograph created on a flatbed scanner; the dark background recedes into space and the bright objects float against the surface of the image. Through his meticulous use of line, Repetti creates a similar sense of depth but with illustration. This small piece would be captivating if exhibited in a place where it can be viewed from a distance; the lines blurring into one another and emulating a photograph.