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£1,050. Papier colle  Lily Pond by Sukanta Dasgupta

£1,050. Papier colle
Lily Pond by Sukanta Dasgupta

Sukanta Dasgupta –  Lily Pond

Dasgupta works in the unusual medium of papier collé, a form of collage which only makes use of torn paper. Through the careful use of fragmented text and colour, his intricate works are simple, but not lacking complexity. Fine sans-serif script adds texture to thin fabric, or parts the face with small pores, while heavy bold text strategically adds density to thick hair. In a way, papier collé is a medium characterized by randomness and surprise—each fragment revealing a hidden story or meaning. On the other hand Dasgupta’s work brings order to chaos, structuring many shards into a figurative, recognizable whole.

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