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Claudia has gained much recognition for her three dimensional work, which incorporates traditional crocheting techniques and are constructed from steel and copper wire.

She re-examines crocheting and with her choice of material creates pieces, based on a flow of sequence of repetitious acts.

The works are loaded with historical, cultural and social connotations, yet ultimately, they rely on her formal abstract compositional ability, working purely on aesthetic level.

She grew up in Austria before moving to London, UK where she graduated from Thames Valley University with a honors degree in Advanced Art Practice.

Group Shows

2013 - Manchester Buy Art Fair/SiOTT
2012 - Reading Contemporary Art Fair/SiOTT
2012 - Windsor Contemporary Art Fair/SiOTT
2011 - Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair/SiOTT
2011 - Reading Contemporary Art Fair
2011 - Windsor Contemporary Art Fair
2010 - Open for art/Reading
2010 - End of the year show/TVU, Reading
2008 - Foundry, London
2008 - Selfridges, London
2007- Bar Lorca, Calpham
2007 - Super Structures, Tufnell Park, London




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