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In this weeks Q&A Georg Piesch tells us about his motivations and inspirations. Georg Piesch lives and works in Vienna, Austria. His brushstrokes are bold and energetic, he  primarily paints with acrylics, with an emphasis to capture the essence of life and its universal powers as he experiences it. 

SG: Can you tell me something about your artistic path?
GP: There is really not much to tell about myself. I am a human/individual like you. What I would like to mention is the following; I have a good hearted wife who has an interest in art, a lot of patience and particularly through love; accepts my artistic existence. I also have a small son, and suddenly to some extent, all collected life experience has been made relative and life introduces itself within a new dimension.

Small children carry the spirit of humanities with openness, clarity of life which allows us to recognize the universal spirit. This I find very profound and touching. This leads me back to your question. Approximately 15 years ago, unbelievable how quickly time has passed. Back then, I suddenly had a desire to gain more knowledge and wisdom and with this my search for a deeper understanding and truth began.

A knowledge, removed from all of what we know, to gain this knowledge is like diving into your own existence - the essence of being. I am fortunate that I have been able to achieve this to some extent. After a few revelations it was of importance to me to express this in the most suitable way. My creative path was born this way and I will continue to follow it this way.

SG: Who do you make your art for?
GP: For myself, I am an artist. I would like my work to carry a message, for everybody. I consider it to be an exercise for the bigger picture.

SG: What inspires you and why?
GP: Everything, life in all its forms. Particularly, nature in all its unbelievable beauty and diversity. This continuous circle of life and particularly the universal spirit. Why does this inspire me? I love it.

SG: How do other artists inspire your works?
GP: It is interesting and fascinating to view other artists work, and to appreciate it, based on its creativity, beauty and diversity. Other artists don’t influence my work. However, it can be that the work of some artists becomes the stimulus to create more myself.

SG: How do you develop your ideas?
GP: After a thorough thinking process and time of contemplation, when the given has manifested itself, however also through spontaneity and intuitively.

SG: How would you describe your work?
GP: My works are an expression of love and hope, expression and part of the liveliness of the life, expression and part connection to the existence in the deepest sense.