“International Contemporary Artists” volume IX

The process of selecting contemporary artists to present their work in “International Contemporary Artists” volume IX is nearly over and there are only a few available pages left in the book.
-Artists who are above 18 years old can submit their work for selection.
-All artworks must have been created by the submitting artists, who must have legal ownership and must be the sole owners of the copyright.
-All media and techniques of visual art can be submitted for review, such as painting, photography, sculpture, installations and digital art, etc.

Entry information
- Artists who are interested in joining us to this project must send 4-5 images of their work (jpg format) and a short statement of about 100 words by email.
-All images must include the work’s title as well.
- Submissions can be send by email.

Specifics about the publication
-A juried committee of established art critics reviews the submitted works on a daily basis and selects the best ones that will be presented in the book.
-Notification of acceptance is made by email within 3-5 working days.
-In the end of the editing process, the jurors select the best two works that will be presented in the front and the back cover of the book free of charge.
-Moreover, the best five artists among the ones presented in the book will be awarded with their personal art book, sponsored by I.C.A Publishing.
-The book will be published in November 2014.

Further information about the book is available in www.incoartists.com and you can find artists' testimonials from previous publications in http://www.incoartists.com/testimonials.html

The book is distributed worldwide through major wholesalers, bookstores and online shops.

It is also distributed without cost to major galleries and museums all over the world, a list of which can be seen here: http://www.incoartists.com/distribution/distribution-p01.html