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FUSION AIR // Winter Residency at Fusion Art Gallery Turin

 RESIDENCY FOCUSED ON emerging and professional visual artists, performing artists, and writers working in all media and genres.

Fusion Art Gallery (SCNO) is a not-for-profit organisation and an independent gallery born in 2003 and focused on creation, presentation, and documentation of contemporary art in all its forms. Part of our program consists of international artist residencies aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and artist mobility. We are based in Turin, Italy, near the city center.

A 1 to 3 month studio residency program that focuses on creative practice development for artists working across all disciplines, the FUSION AIR program offers space for experimentation and dialogue with peers and arts professionals.
The FUSION AIR international residency program offers professional artists the opportunity to develop their own research without any "pre-organised" pressure. We are not going to ask you to submit any special "project" as our board of curators is undoubtedly capable of evaluating an artist's practice by reviewing his/her specific path through his/her own website.  An artist's residency is, first of all, a place to learn, absorb,  and experience. Our goal is to provide artists "A Room Of Their Own" abroad, a relevant place without any kind of performance anxiety. At the end of your stay, each artist will be free to decide whether to produce a show, a presentation, or a documentation. We are excited about the work-in-progress evolution of our artists' work. From the very moment the artist is selected, we will give him/her all our support and trust!

For further information about  how the application process works, please read the application guidelines and note that applications will only be considered if they are complete, on time, and adhere to all guidelines. A complete application includes complete submission of the online application by the deadline.

Emerging and professional visual artists, performing artists, and writers working in all media and genres are eligible to apply.

closing date

20. September 2015