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Open Call: Forgetting

By Other Means is a start-up production group looking to organise events with an interdisciplinary approach to selected critical topics. Each event will achieve this by promoting various media, including exhibitions, performances, publications and lectures. The first of these will be held in London this July and will explore the idea of Forgetting. 

The drive behind this project is to stage a forgetful intervention; a short term multimedia exhibition designed to consider the experience of forgetting, and its effects on art, culture, science and everyday life. By approaching the subject from an interdisciplinary perspective it is our intention to discuss forgetting as a tactic for both harm and aid, condemnation and liberation. Being a new initiative, the project has a lot of flexibility in terms of format and scope and look forward to tailoring the event to best fit selected submissions’ requirements. 

- Application deadline; 1st of April 2016.
- No application fee.
- Funding for transport and realisation of certain projects available depending on specifications.

Example Areas of interest: 

- Cultural memory/amnesia.
- Forgetting as a narrative device.
- Understanding Alzheimers or Eidetic memory.
- The effects of forgetting on creative practice.
- Forgetting history, culture, language.
- Expressing forgetting and loss.
- Forgetting as a critical (disruptive?) cultural, social or political tactic.
- Forgetting as a way of coping or ‘moving on’.
- Remembering as a means to forget? Commemoration and historicisation.

Submission specifications: 

- Academic writing: an abstract which outlines key areas, suggested bibliography, themes and hypothesis. Final work should be no more than 3000 words.
- Creative writing - prose, theatre and poetry: Excerpt indicative of writing style and a brief description or synopsis of the finalised piece. Final work should be no more than 3000 words.
- Visual art-pieces: 3-5 high res photographs of work indicative of style and methods, and a proposal for the work you wish to submit. 
- Performance and video art: 3-5 minute recording of each performance, no more than 3 recorded submissions with a short description of each and physical specifications if it has any.
- Music: 5 minute excerpt of the piece, alongside a description of the piece, specifications (particularly for live performances) and corresponding score.

If any submission type is not covered here, please email us for information. 
To participate please email your submission to with a form (attached or available on our website) and a personal statement (no more than 500 words) grounding your work within the context of the theme.

closing date

1. April 2016


Earlier Event: 31 March
Later Event: 3 April
The Jackson’s Open Art Prize