1. What kind of artwork is accepted?

We encourage applications from a wide field of practice and accept paintings, drawings, photography, prints and multimedia works.

2. What happens when someone wants to buy one of my paintings?

We will contact you when someone wants to buy one of your works. We will discuss the delivery/collection timeline and the best packaging options for your artwork. We always aim to arrange a collection of your sold artwork as quickly as possible.

3. What is SiOTT's comission on the sale?

A commission of 35% applies to all sales made online at www.siottgallery.com
The commission includes and covers all card transactions and bank charges.
A commission of 50% applies to all sales at exhibitions, events and art fairs. The commission includes and covers all card transactions and bank charges

4. How is the one time fee paid? Why is this fee collected?

SiOTT does not charge a joining fee. Selected artists are invited to join free of charge.

5. How is shipping arranged? Do you take care of that or am I responsible for the fee?

Artists are required to ship the artwork to the buyer. We will pay the following amounts to the artist for shipping:

Domestic: £35
Eurozone to Eurozone: £70
International: £110

6. Do you take suggestions?

We would love to hear from you. We are constantly evolving and dedicated to supporting the career of our artists. Let us know what you think needs improvement so that we can make SiOTT work better for you. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please e-mail us at info@siottgallery.com